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We Offer:

Term time programs which are 4 weeks in length and address specific challenges that pupils are experiencing such as exam stress, the power of vision, communication skills, grooming & etiquette.Each programme (topic) runs for 4 weeks for one hour each week.We take up to 15 pupils in a group, sometimes fewer depending on the needs of the individuals within the group. Most schools book more than one programme each term so that the coach is with you for several hours offering different workshops to different groups/classes.please feel free to contact us to access the full range of programmes in detail.

Once off workshops useful for offering helpful techniques at important times in the curriculum such as helping children with exam stress

The workshops take place during school hours. Occasionally we run the workshops straight after school as part of an extended schools project.

The minimum length for a workshop in school is 1 hour. The maximum length can be up to the length of a school day if we are offering a very specific targeting training day.

Sometimes schools will book a one-off workshop to give pupils a quick boost – for example to alleviate anxiety prior to exam time. In our experience, longer term programmes always generate better results than short term or one off programmes.

We offer workshops to children aged between 7-12 years, we target our workshops to this specific age bracket to avoid having a large age range of children who will have varied levels of understanding.

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