hi i’m Nyasha Banda

A Confidence Life Coach here to lead your child to step into their power and transcend anything that’s holding them back from living their best life.
Oh, and I like cheese cake.

I’m proud to have founded our heart-centered mission here, and created this safe haven where a lot of children have broke free from some of their deepest struggles with themselves, their self-doubt, and anxiety. Through our successful Coaching, our weekly blog posts and episodes on  https://www.instagram.com/Building_kids_confidence, as well as speaking on stages and leading retreats and events.

Myself and our team help children just like yours take back their power and cultivate inner peace, self-love, confidence, and what we like to call:

Building kids’ confidence forever!

And that brings me to your child

I may have taken the long and difficult route, but there definitely is an easier way and I’ve simplified the path to freedom for your child.

Your child was not put on this earth to struggle with anxiety and self-doubt.

What does this mean for your child?

It means your child actually feels confident and normal around other people

It means your child recognizes their beauty, and their confidence is through the roof.

It means your child feels at home in their body and know exactly what they need to thrive.

It means that your child’s life is easy because anxiety and self-doubt are no longer at the centre of their universe.

It means your child can live life on their terms and can enjoy the moments that matter most without fear, shame, guilt, or self-doubt holding them back.

Imagine your child feeling so confident and in their power, that they can freely live their life without anxiety and self-doubt holding them back

That’s our mission; I hope your child can join us.

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