NLP Sales

Get better results faster!

Understanding another person’s world and knowing how to engage them on an emotional level is the key when it comes to peak selling.

This NLP Sales Training 1-day program equips you with fundamental skills to engage and sell your idea or concept using Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) competencies as well as cutting edge sales tools and techniques.

Powerful learning

The ability of a business/sales person to create rapport with prospective clients and to maintain highly effective relationships is essential in winning sales and growing the business. For a few people, this comes naturally; for most others this is a skill that can be enhanced by excellent sales training, especially if it is NLP-based sales training.
NLP Sales Training teaches you the core emotional intelligence models in addition to tools and techniques to become more effective at selling your product or idea. The programme allows participants the time and space to reflect on their practice and focus on developing new tools. Combining the latest research from Neuroscience and NLP training you will enhance your communication skills which will ultimately lead you to increase your sales performance.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will know how to

  • Understand the mind of every client/customer/prospect
  • Have the mind-set for successful selling
  • Build trust and rapport almost instantly with clients
  • Use highly effective communication in a way your clients prefers
  • Ask the right questions to understand each client, their motivations and therefore how best ‘pitch’ your idea or product
  • Understand what truly motivates your sales team, and hence get the best from them.

How can our NLP Sales Training help you? 

Because we are experts at NLP training we can train your sales team to:

  • Be highly effective,
  • Create better client relationships through greater understanding,
  • Produce higher sales, faster, and we can train your managers to get the best from your sales team.
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